Which Is the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment?

Which Is the Best Teeth Whitening Treatment?

September 1, 2021

If you have discolored or yellow teeth that prevent you from smiling before your friends and family members, you may wonder whether you can change the appearance of your teeth to have a beautiful smile. You may even begin researching teeth whitening services to determine whether you have access to the best teeth whitening treatment in your area of residence.

You may express reluctance to visit your dentist, fearing higher charges for teeth whitening or plain dental anxiety. If it is indeed the case, you are committing a grave error by overlooking an excellent teeth whitening treatment from a qualified dental professional and seeking reasonable measures for teeth discoloration removal.

Teeth whitening services have spawned throughout Canada, and the therapy is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures. However, everyone with discolored teeth wants to have a brighter and whiter smile without realizing the fundamental reasons why they are affected by this problem. If you are among the many with a similar desire, we suggest you read this article to understand why you must seek the treatment only from a qualified dentist without relying on over-the-counter teeth whiteners or treatments offered by beauty salons.

What Are the Reasons for Your Discolored Teeth?

Before you consider teeth whitening treatment and begin researching, do you know the reasons why you have discolored teeth? If not, please understand why you display yellow or stained teeth before considering any remedy to correct the problem.

The most common reason for teeth discoloration is having pigmented foods and beverages. However, lifestyle habits like smoking can also leave a brownish tinge on your teeth. In addition, you may have a tooth infection resulting from deep decay or even a genetic condition. If you research teeth whitening Reddit, you will realize how many people also suffer from conditions similar to yours and look for the best teeth whitening treatment near them.

If teeth whitening is a famous remedy people seek, can manufacturers of products lag in promoting remedies to encash on the demand? Walking through the aisles of supermarkets and drugstores, you can find many products promising you instant results to have a brighter and whiter smile. The products are cheap and cost fewer than $ 50. Unfortunately, the only consequence they deliver is frustration because of the speed at which they work.

You may also find random beauty salons providing remedies to whiten your teeth instantly. The prices they charge are lower than the prices charged by dentists. However, the treatments are performed by unprofessional staff who may leave you with more concerns than merely discolored teeth.

Cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening, despite regulations, are flaunted by various professionals without knowledge about dental anatomy to entrap unsuspecting customers. The authorities have stipulated that teeth whitening treatments are best provided by qualified dentists and none other. Therefore if you want excellent teeth whitening treatments, you must approach KC Dental near you for instant results.

Why Choose Teeth Whitening Treatments from Dentists?

Dentists are not run-of-the-mill professionals and have invested four years of their time learning dental anatomy. However, these are the professionals who are knowledgeable about the reasons for teeth discoloration and the best way to correct the problem.

Teeth whitening treatments should not cause any dental anxiety because they are entirely painless. Dentists ensure your mouth and soft tissues are protected using cheek protectors retractors to prevent sensitivity in your mouth. When you visit the dentist for teeth whitening, your teeth undergo an examination to determine whether you are affected by tooth decay or gum disease.

Dentists do not use teeth whitening remedies to brighten your teeth. That you need teeth whitening is by itself evidence that your teeth are severely discolored and need intensive treatments with concentrated hydrogen peroxide. The treatment requires approximately an hour, and the dentist applies the hydrogen peroxide to your teeth four times during the period activating it with light or lasers. You can see a dramatic improvement in the shade of your teeth by three to eight shades out of 16 in one appointment with the dentist.

Dental in-office teeth whitening treatments are expensive, and you may require multiple appointments if your teeth are severely discolored. However, you can request the dentist to provide a teeth whitening kit with hydrogen peroxide gel to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening. The dentist creates customized teeth whitening trays specifically for your mouth and provides instructions on when and how to use them.

Teeth whitening treatments are not permanent and require some help from you to maintain the results. You help yourself by limiting or avoiding lifestyle habits like smoking, consuming pigmented foods and beverages, maintaining dental hygiene as recommended by the dentist, and getting twice-yearly exams and cleanings. If you search for excellent teeth whitening treatments, you must trust none other than your dentist because they are qualified to provide the treatments you want.