Orthodontics in Ajax, ON

Most people associate orthodontics in Ajax, ON, with methods for straightening teeth. Straight teeth are important for a great smile at any age. However, orthodontic procedures provide health benefits beyond an aesthetically pleasing smile.

Orthodontic treatment aligns the upper and lower jaws and stabilizes your facial profile. In addition, orthodontic services can correct many issues with your teeth, jawbone, and tongue posture, preventing future dental issues. Our KC Dental care team provides options in orthodontics near you to enhance the smiles and oral health of patients of all ages.

Traditional Braces

Most experts in orthodontia recommend an orthodontic assessment for children before the age of 12. It is much easier to correct teeth, jaw, and bite issues with braces before the teenage years begin. In addition, traditional braces are quite common among most young adolescents, so there is little risk of self-consciousness when wearing them at this age.

Traditional braces utilize a system of metal brackets and wires to correct oral alignment problems. They put steady pressure on the patient’s teeth, which causes them to gradually move into a straight position in the mouth. In addition, traditional braces allow for the use of other orthodontic devices, such as rubber bands and headgears, to align the upper and lower jaw. This improves bite position and facial structure.

Orthodontic Aligners

Some adults and older teenagers may benefit from orthodontic treatment but would be reluctant to wear conspicuous metal braces. Our dentists near you offer orthodontic aligners as an option in these cases. Orthodontic aligners are a teeth-straightening system based on the patient wearing clear, plastic aligners in an ordered series to gradually straighten their teeth.

Since orthodontic aligners are clear, they are far less noticeable than traditional metal braces. In addition, they are comfortable and can be removed for eating and oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing. Aligners are considered an effective orthodontic treatment for older patients who may be hesitant to wear traditional braces.

Your overall oral health is important, including the aesthetics and alignment of your teeth. Our dentists in Ajax, ON, provide orthodontic options to patients of all ages. Contact our KC Dental care team for more information about orthodontics near you and other services.

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