Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Ajax, ON

Thousands of children benefit from fluoride treatment every year. Our team of dentists near you provides fluoride treatment to children as well as adults. Please contact KC Dental for our extensive range of preventive dental services, including dental sealants, regular exams and cleanings, and fluoride treatment.

Who Needs Fluoride Treatment?

Although fluoride treatment can benefit all patients, the following patients may benefit to a large extent:

  • Patients who experience frequent decay and cavities
  • Children who practice fair to poor oral hygiene practices
  • Patients like children, older adults, and disabled patients who are unable to remove plaque on their own
  • Those who suffer from dry mouth or reduced saliva production. Dry mouth conditions increase the risk of cavities as saliva contains bacteria-eliminating enzymes.
  • Patients who suffer from gum disease have exposed tooth roots. A fluoride treatment in Ajax, ON helps protect exposed tooth roots from decay.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment can be as beneficial for adults as it is for young patients. Let’s take a closer look at essential benefits:

Protects Tooth Enamel

Acidic foods and acids released by bacteria degrade tooth enamel and make it thinner. Fluoride treatment helps protect your teeth from heightened sensitivity caused due to thinning enamel.

Restores Minerals in the Tooth

Acids eat away tooth enamel and break down the minerals like calcium and phosphorous that make up your tooth structure. Fluoride treatment can reverse the mineral loss and revitalize tooth structure.

Prevents Cavities and Decay from Spreading

Fluoride strengthens tooth enamel and prevents decay from penetrating the inner layers of the tooth. Our reliable dentist in Ajax, ON provides fluoride treatment for young and older patients, as well as patients with special needs.

Please contact KC Dental to learn more about the benefits and costs of fluoride treatment near you.

Fluoride Treatment Procedure

The fluoride treatment procedure is simple and painless and involves the application of orange-yellowish, pleasant-tasting fluoride varnish that quickly sets on the tooth surfaces. Patients should avoid eating and drinking until 30 minutes after the procedure and should brush their teeth 6 hours after the treatment.

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