How Strong Are Dental Crowns On Front Teeth?

How Strong Are Dental Crowns On Front Teeth?

February 1, 2022

Are you thinking of getting dental crowns, but you are worried that they might not be effective enough for your front teeth?

Check out this article for more information about dental crowns and how they can improve your dental structure.

A dental crown or caps are tooth-shaped dental materials covering teeth defects. To protect damaged front teeth, the dentist has to recommend dental crowns that are strong and cosmetic because the front teeth are prominent and need to look good. Your dentist can recommend crowns that look like actual teeth to blend in with your natural teeth.

Getting a tooth-colored tooth crown for your front tooth will give you the confidence to smile properly. Over time, you might not even be able to tell the dental cap and your natural teeth apart because they look the same.

There are quite a lot of reasons why you might need to get a dental cap for your front tooth.

  • For a weak tooth
  • For a broken or cracked tooth
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • For covering stained teeth
  • For aesthetic reasons
  • To cover a dental implant
  • To support a dental filling

How Do Dentists Prepare The Front Tooth For A Dental Cap Procedure?

At KC Dental, we often prepare our dental patients for their dental treatments in the best way possible. Our dental patients are constantly informed about their dental health status and dental treatment plan before their treatment begins.

To place a dental cap on the front teeth, these are the following steps required.

  • First, your dentist would examine the damaged tooth and the surrounding teeth. They would do this with a dental x-ray. Once your dentist has confirmed the level of damage on the tooth, they can proceed.
  • If the tooth is infected, your dentist might recommend that the infected tooth gets disinfected through a root canal treatment before you get the dental crown.
  • After your teeth have been confirmed free from decay, the dental cap placement treatment will proceed.
  • Next, your dentist would create a dental impression of your dental structure and take the dental impression to the dental lab, where a technician will make your crowns.
  • It would take two to three weeks to get your permanent crowns. However, your dentist would place temporary crowns on your teeth before the permanent crowns are ready.
  • On your next appointment, when the permanent crowns are finally ready, your dentist will place the permanent crowns and check if any corrections are needed.

How Long Do Dental Caps Last On Front Teeth?

The duration of a dental cap depends on the material of the dental cap and how well you maintain it. You might decide to get a metal or porcelain crown. However, they have different features.

While a metal crown is more robust durable, a porcelain crown is not as strong as a metal crown, but it is appropriate for front teeth placement because of its tooth-colored appearance.

In other words, metal crowns are better used for back teeth placement for aesthetic reasons because of their noticeable appearance. Also, metal crowns are stronger for back teeth placements because major dental functionalities like chewing occur.

On the other hand, Porcelain crowns are better for front teeth placement. It blends in with your natural teeth. Although they are not as strong as metal crowns, they can last longer without any cracks or defects if you care for them properly.

But if you are still worried about the durability of porcelain crowns and still want a stronger and more cosmetic crown, you can go for porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns (PFM).

PFM is stronger than average porcelain crowns. They are attached to a metal material layered under the porcelain material. In other words, the porcelain on top blends with your natural teeth, and then the metal material beneath keeps the crown strong and more durable.

In all, your dentist remains the best person to help you with recommendations for your dental treatment.