Financing and Insurance

Routine and preventive dental care, such as exams and cleanings, is typically covered by dental insurance policies. Some procedures, however, may only be covered in part or not at all by insurance. This often applies to cosmetic dental procedures.

If your dental insurance policy does not fully fund a dental procedure, financing or other payment options are required outside of or as a supplement to insurance.


It’s essential to understand what your dental insurance covers before receiving dental treatment. If a procedure is not covered by insurance or partially covered, the patient is responsible for the remaining balance.

It’s important to consult your dental care team about patient financing options for dental procedures that are not fully covered by insurance. Some offices provide patient financing through direct payment plans. Others offer patient payment services through third-party organizations.

We accept Direct Billing To Insurance

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Payment Plans:

We Offer Flexible payment plans. Talk to billing personnel for more information.

Accepted Insurances

Other Payment Methods

Nearly all dental care teams accept alternative payment methods for services. Patients have the option of paying with cash, major credit cards, or CareCredit. CareCredit is a credit card intended to assist patients with paying for healthcare treatments, including dental procedures that are not covered by dental insurance.

For more information about insurance and financing, contact your dental care team.