Are Fluoride Treatments Beneficial for Adults?

Are Fluoride Treatments Beneficial for Adults?

July 1, 2023

Most likely, you’ve heard of fluoride. It is necessary for everyone. But if you have healthy teeth, you already get plenty of it through your everyday toothpaste and tap water. The naturally occurring chemical fluoride is found in other products too.

Many individuals wonder whether a fluoride treatment for adults is available. Well, the answer is “Yes” – all teeth, especially adult teeth, require fluoride from naturally occurring sources to be healthy. All adults, especially those more vulnerable to tooth decay, can receive benefits from dental fluoride treatments.

What is Fluoride? Why is it Important?

A mineral called fluoride is naturally present in minute levels in a wide range of foods and water sources, mainly your local water supply. Although the quantity of fluoride added to drinking water is thought to be quite safe, excessive fluoride exposure has an association with several health problems. Fluoride is a mineral that dentists use to strengthen teeth and lower the incidence of cavities.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatments You Must Know

Fluoride gives these wonderful benefits to both young and older!

A Natural Preventive

Rocks, soil, and water all contain the mineral fluoride. It ranks as the 13th most prevalent element on our planet. There are different concentrations of fluoride in natural groundwater. That’s why some areas have too much fluoride in their drinking water while others have none.

Keeps Teeth Away from Decay

Fluoride increases teeth’s resistance to acid attacks from oral plaque and sweets.

Saves You Money

Maintaining good dental hygiene and maintaining the health of your teeth with fluoride will help you avoid costly dental treatments in the future. Consult our dentist about fluoride treatment in Ajax, ON if you are worried about the condition of your teeth.

Defends Your Enamel

The preservation of dental enamel is one of fluoride’s most important advantages. Your teeth may become more sensitive to common activities, such as drinking hot or cold drinks as enamel starts to disintegrate. Fluoridated toothpaste can help build and preserve your enamel when you brush your teeth.

Fluoride Treatments Are Safe

Perhaps the simple dental procedure you’ve ever had was a professional fluoride treatment. Sometimes, the dentist uses fluoride on the teeth with a tray containing a fluoride foam/gel for 1-2 minutes.

Why Adults Need Fluoride Treatments?

You might believe that children only need to receive fluoride treatments. However, the requirement for fluoride also exists after the youngster reaches adulthood. Strong dental enamel is advantageous for patients of all ages. In addition to making the patient more prone to cavities, weak enamel also increases their risk of acquiring gum disease. Fluoride is helpful to heal teeth in these early stages if bacteria are present and it destroys the teeth.

Furthermore, fluoride helps lessen the gum line’s responsiveness to cold meals, beverages, or teeth brushing. Your natural teeth will last longer if you do this.

There are many reasons why fluoride treatments could be advantageous for you as an adult:

Dry Mouth

Certain drugs used to address age-related health issues might result in dry mouth. Our mouth provides the ideal setting for harmful oral bacteria to grow (such as those that cause cavities and gum disease). It’s when there is insufficient saliva flow. If dry mouth is a persistent issue, fluoride might protect your smile.

Receding Gum Line

Fluoride treatments can halt the enamel weakening process if you have gum recession. Fluoride treatments also protect the expensive restoration work on crowns or bridges that might have a negative impact due to plaque formation.


Fluoride can help safeguard teeth in people wearing braces or who occasionally forget to maintain daily oral hygiene routines like flossing and mouthwash.

Tooth Sensitivity

Are your teeth sensitive? If yes, it might be due to gum irritation, which can result from eating very acidic meals or using teeth-whitening treatments. But after fluoride treatments, your enamel remineralizes (a natural process of tooth repair) and becomes less sensitive. It minimizes sharp toothache and other inconveniences.

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Fluoride treatments are not usually essential for adults. But depending on your circumstances, they may offer advantages to your overall dental hygiene. Contact our expert today to schedule a fluoride treatment appointment!