5 Vital Things You Need to Know About Dental Fillings in Ajax, Ontario

5 Vital Things You Need to Know About Dental Fillings in Ajax, Ontario

May 1, 2021

Among the most many dental problems that exist, dental decay is the leading one. The condition is caused by acid attacking the enamel and making holes. These acids form when food particles meet with bacteria in the mouth. If decay is not treated at the right time, it can lead to tooth loss.

Luckily, decay can be treated through various dental procedures. One of the most common treatment options is dental fillings. In this blog, we discuss the dental fillings procedure in detail to help you make an informed decision.

What is a Dental Filling?

It is a dental material used to fill holes caused by cavities. Fillings are made of various materials. The dentist will choose the most suitable material, depending on your condition.

How Can I Prevent Cavities?

The best way to prevent dental decay is by maintaining proper oral hygiene. By proper oral hygiene, we mean:

  • Brush your teeth after every meal, whenever possible. At worst, brush your teeth at least twice a day.
  • Floss your teeth every night before going to bed to get rid of any food particles caught between your teeth.
  • Use mouthwash after flossing. Mouthwashes contain anti-bacterial agents, which can help fight cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Get dental sealants, especially for kids between six and 12 who are at the highest risk of getting cavities.
  • Get fluoride treatment regularly. Your dentist will advise you accordingly on the right times to get fluoride treatment.
  • Visit the dentist every six months for exams and professional cleanings.

What are the Dental Fillings Materials?

As noted, there are various materials used to make dental fillings. These materials include:


Just not so long ago, amalgam was the only material used to make fillings. Amalgam is a material made from a combination of silver, mercury, and a small percentage of other metals such as zinc. The material is strong, durable and can last for up to 15 years.

However, recent studies have shown that the mercury in the amalgam material can lead to mercury poisoning. Mercury poisoning can lead to serious medical conditions such as kidney failure, brain damage, and liver damage. Furthermore, the material is not aesthetic, and many people don’t like exposing it. For that reason, amalgam is usually used for back teeth.


Resin is a hard plastic that can be designed to match the colour of your natural teeth. However, it is prone to chips and breaks. For that reason, it is only used for front teeth because they do less chewing. Averagely, resin lasts for about five years.


Porcelain is now the new amalgam in terms of popularity. The material is durable, safe, and aesthetic. It can be designed to match the colour of your teeth, and the good thing is it is stain-resistant. Averagely, it lasts for up to ten years. The only problem is it is relatively expensive.

The Filling Procedure

The dental filling procedure is fast and safe. Typically, it does not take more than one visit to the dentist. First, the dentist will drill a hole on the affected tooth to remove the decay. Then, he will fill the hole with the filling material and attach it with dental cement. Finally, he will harden the filling material with a special light.

In most cases, you will not need to be sedated. Sedation will only be required if you are getting the treatment for a severely decayed tooth. If that’s the case, the dentist will give you oral sedation an hour or so before the procedure. We are here for you if you are looking for dental filling treatment in Ajax, ON.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings come with several benefits, which include:

  • The filling procedure is quick and painless
  • You will not need to visit the dentist more than once for the same procedure.
  • The tooth filling material can be designed to match the colour of your natural teeth if you choose porcelain or composite resin.
  • It is a versatile procedure that can be used for more than treating cavities. Dental fillings can also be used to fix cracked, chipped, and broken teeth.
  • The filling procedure is less invasive compared to some restorative procedures. The dentist will not change the structure of your natural tooth. Furthermore, your tooth will remain as natural as possible if you choose a tooth-coloured material like porcelain.

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